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Crown Restoration

At First Street Smile, we offer real-world,dental crowns and dental bridges solutions for patients all over Merrimach Valley.

These procedures are awfully effective for repairing a cracked tooth or a damaged tooth that is infected or has fallen out. Sometimes you chip or break a tooth; it happens. But it doesn’t mean that with your cracked tooth, your beautiful smile is gone forever and will never return. Rest assured that not only your smile can return but it will be a more beaming and attractive one.

While resolving your oral health issues tooth replacement option is always available for clients. In fact, we have more replacement options for you.

A common choice is Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or CEREC crown, which is made out of highly durable ceramic. Indeed computer-assisted technology and Computer-Aided Design Software (CAD software) combined with the assistance of skillful and highly qualified dental assistants always enable us to create outstanding results.

A damaged tooth that is covered with a cap or crown to give it an original tooth-shaped look is really a source of attraction for many people. Moreover, the cover is aligned with such artistic skills that no one can differentiate it from the original ones. In terms of durability, it is even equal to or even superior to the original in terms of absorbing the bite powers.

Apart from the above, a crown can also hold a dental bridge.You can choose from different types of crown options. Thus, your choice is an important consideration for us. We make crowns from different materials such as ceramic, resin, metal, and porcelain. Thus, CEREC crowns are not your only option. There are a variety of other materials available about which you can decide while keeping your budget and other preferences at the forefront. Other materials include a combination of materials, metal: gold and other, ceramic, composite resin, zirconia, and porcelain.

Generally, using a same-day procedure, you can get the crown(s) within two hours. Using computer-aided manufacturing, 3d models, and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) we can complete these procedures. The Cosmetic restoration in a way that looks natural and we carry out the restoration of esthetic ceramic or ceramic restoration.

Those who have financial issues can opt for economical restoration of esthetic.We ensure you have a pleasant feeling while you replace missing teeth, a feeling of a natural tooth or Natural teeth is what we strive for.In this way, patients can regain their dental function without looking for any dental work. In a single visit, you can find the solutions to many of your oral health issues such as gum disease, root canal sensitivities of hot or cold intake.

A porcelain dental crown is a strong replacement for the missing part of the tooth. Created from durable materials, porcelain crowns are fitted to the look and feel of your missing tooth and bonded with adhesive to seamlessly attach the crown and restore your smile back to anew. If you are looking for strong and natural-looking teeth, and look for an immediate cosmetic crown solution, then you may consider CEREC crowns as a reasonable option.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to restore your smile, First Street Smiles is on the leading edge of crown restorations in the Merrimack Valley. From start to finish, our process only takes two hours. We start by taking digital impressions to measure you for crowns and use our in-house technology to create an accurate and precise crown to match your teeth.

We fit it on the spot and your new crown will look and feel just like a normal tooth, be long-lasting, and not feel any postoperative sensitivity.

By availing of the service of First Street Smiles, you’ll have a convenient experience, cost-effective treatment, and aesthetically pleasing results.

If you are looking for affordable dental crowns and bridges solutions in North Andover, MA, visit First Street Smiles. We offer the best quality dental crowns and bridges at a reasonable price. Call us now! (978)  685-5804 

If you are looking for affordable dental crowns and bridges solutions in North Andover, MA, visit First Street Smiles. We offer the best quality dental crowns and bridges at a reasonable price. Call us now!

Our cosmetic dentistry includes crown restoration, bonding, veneers, bridges/dentures, whitening, and tooth colored fillings.

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